WAB Apr 24 Meeting

This month we were joined by guest speaker Keith Tignor from the Office of Plant Industry Services, Virginia Department of Agriculture & Services (VDACS). Keith is the Virginia’s State Apiarist and has worked closely with the beekeeping industry over the past 35 years. Keith shared his insight on invasive species and their effects on honeybees. The briefing was an informative and educational session for WAB members! Invasive species can have significant impacts on ecosystems and agriculture, and honeybees play a crucial role in pollination, so understanding how invasive species affect them is crucial. Keith provided examples and strategies for managing invasive species in relation to honeybee health such as traps and reporting process. Reporting procedures and raising awareness about invasive species are indeed essential steps in managing their impact. Identifying common invasive species such as the Spotted Lanternfly and the European Hornet help people recognize potential threats to ecosystems and agriculture. Spotted Lanternflies can cause damage to crops and trees, while European Hornets can prey on honeybees and other insects. It’s crucial for beekeepers in affected areas to be vigilant in reporting sightings and taking measures to control the spread of these invasive species.

Congratulations to Del Kirkland on winning the monthly WAB Raffel!


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